.·´¨`*♥ amanda ♥*´¨`·. (mandy8488) wrote,
.·´¨`*♥ amanda ♥*´¨`·.

my 4/20 with danny<3*

i woke up this morning showered and got ready and met dan at circle k. then i followed him to his uncle's house. chilled then i drove us to the naples mall. it wasnt opened until 10 and it was 9:15 so we went to perkins and ate breakfast. when we were finished we went back to the mall. i got a cute skirt at holister and dan got a shirt there and ae. after the mall he drove my car to the beach and we stayed there until about 2:40. we headed back to his uncles house were his car was and we chilled and watched a little t.v. then i went home and rinsed off. and dan came over and droped me off at work. work went by fast tonight. after work, dan picked me up and we went to his boss's party. we chilled there for a couple of hours, then he dropped me off and he was teaching me how to drive a stick! wow i kinda got the hang of it. im surprized in myself. heheh and now im fixing to call him and go to sleep xoxo ~i love my life~
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